Dominant Poems

My Treasure

You make yourself a gift to me.

We drown together in the sea

Beyond where words can speak

Raw Power Devours

and viciously deflowers.

Mine in Pain

for my kajira, Terry

The whip comes down
Again and again…
You wait for my command,
“Turn over, Pain Slut!”

I torture your nipples,
We look into each other’s eyes
Power dances between us.

I take you while you moan with pleasure
and delight in your gift of submission
as I cradle you in my arms.


I am a cat in heat

as you kneel at my feet

your flesh is mine to use

I torture you. I am amused.

Your cries of pain excite me

mixed with pleasure and invite me

to hurt you as I please

Author: nowve666

I'm free in my mind. I've done whatever I wanted to do in my life. Now I'm 72. Well, all good things come to an end. The way the world is getting, it's just as well. Freedom means being able to embrace whatever ideas one has regardless of taboos. It also means total self-acceptance.

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